Friday, March 8, 2024

Quiet Week


Week 10


Workshop A and B

    Art, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel, Nine Amer, Dunham, Faris, Ivan, Louis, Varun

    This week Daniel, David and Miguel started the hairspring course. They started with removing the balance staff from the balance wheel and installing a new one.

Michael demonstrating how to remove the roller table on the Bergeon Platax.

Michael also showed them how to remove the roller table using the roller table removing tool.

After removing the roller table, the balance is clamped into the lathe and the balance staff is mostly turned off close to the hub of the balance wheel.

Using the staking set to punch out the remaining part of the balance staff.

Preparing to fit in a new balance staff on the staking set.

    Miguel prepared his staking punches before riveting. He refreshed the staking punches by grinding away the deep scratches with a diamond file and then polishing it.

2 Flat punches

2 Tapered punches

    This week Art and Nine learned how to use the milling attachment for the lathe. Afterwards, Art used it to make the locking screw for his graver holder.

Art made a hexagon shaped screw using the lathe's divisions.



Thank you for reading!

Hope to see you again next week!

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