Friday, March 15, 2024

Hairspring Week!


Week 11


Workshop A & B

    Art, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel, Nine
    Amer, Dunham, Faris, Ivan, Louis, Varun 

    This week, Daniel, David and Miguel learned how to manipulate hairsprings.

Here they are learning how to manipulate a clock hairspring to begin.

They also learned how to pin the hairspring to the collet, cut the hairspring, pin the hairspring to the stud, and attach it to the balance bridge.

They also learned how to regulate the hairspring to exactly 18,000 vibrations. This is done before studding up and cutting the hairspring.


    This week David worked on finishing his first practice hairspring.

Above is the original balance with ruined coils, below is the hairspring now after adjustment.

    This week Miguel is finishing the poising of his 6498 balance before he moves on to hairspring. He also made a plastic anvil for hairspring work. 

Here is the balance resting on the poising tool. It has a plastic box around it so that it wont be disturbed by dust or wind.

    This week Dunny made several pinion blanks for his school watch.


    This week Ivan is making prototype pieces of the click spring for his school watch.

Here is the Omega pocket watch assembled and cased up with no dial while waiting for final adjustments.

Thank you for reading!

Hope to see you again next week! 

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