Friday, March 29, 2019

Final Week!

We have finished the final week of the 2-year Fullskill course, some of us went ones again to check out the Basel World watch fair and others stayed in school or were busy packing and organizing, and finishing of last watches. 

These two years went by so fast it felt as if we just started! Also, good news for us; everyone successfully passed the final exam and no need for anyone to retake it. We also enjoyed a nice graduation dinner in a Swiss traditional style restaurant with awesome food and wine.

We hope the next students coming will enjoy the school as much as we did and wish all our readers great success whether it is in school, professionally or privately!

We will take a short 2 week break until the next students arrive. Stay tuned!
Below, enjoy some highlights from the last few days.

Best wishes to all our readers from the KHWCC Team!

Sif receiving her diploma

Yi-Ting receiving her diploma.

Stan receiving his diploma

CJ receiving his diploma

Everyone together with their diploma (Henrik in the center)

Stan finish one of his vintage chronograph repairs just in time!

Some pics from CJ when he was finishing his school watch.

CJ's school watch which changes look in different light, in this light it gives kind of a sparkling effect.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Last Working Day

Today is the last working day officially, because next week we are going to visit Basel World, wrapping up our tools, having a deep clean of the school and our apartment. It's always busy before moving, so everyone is trying to work as much as possible.
CJ also finished his school watch at the last minute, we took some nice pictures. Please enjoy.

Circular graining of mainplate on dial side.

All bridge are sand frosted. Ratchet wheel are matte finishing. And with Henrik's design of click system.

CJ also converted the balance to a classical bi-metal balance and he also fitted it with a blue steel hairspring formed with a Phillips curve. 

Before and after.

This week we also introduce some quality control of watches, such as pressure test, and leakage test.
Pressure test.

Leakage test

Stan modified a screw driver into a specific part for Rolex movement.

Look what we got this week.

Friday, March 15, 2019

2 Weeks Left

We were introduced about quartz movement this week and had a chance to learn how to measure them properly. Meanwhile we keep working on our own project in the same time.

Last weekend, we visited Kaj's workshop before he move the workshop to another town. It's really nice to see how he setup the workshop.

Yiting forming Breguet hairspring for her restoration project.

After several trial, Stan finished restoring the minute jumper.

Finally works! now only add finishing and make nice shape.

CJ polishing countersinks on his school watch project.

Visit at Kaj's workshop.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Back from the final exam

We finished our final exam last week, everyone was exhausted after a week intense work. Now, as time close to our graduation, we have to wrap up our restore or repair project as much as possible before we finish school.

One of CJ's restomod projects. He make ratchet wheel, and practice most of the decoration techniques on this movement, with black rhodium plating.

Winding stem made by Stan

Yiting's restoration project. She will make Breguet hairspring and overhaul on this vintage movement.