Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas is coming

Time fly’s. It's almost the end of the year. We are on our way to our Christmas holiday so this is our last week before our vacation.

Before the end of the semester we finished our tools and plated them so they look nicer. Everyone had his/her own design for the outlook of the tools. They look really cool. In addition, we finished our final theory exam, and we are free from now. 

One of Yi-Ting's tools after finishing and plating.

Polishing tripods ready for surface treatments. 

CJ is doing the beveling

Early this week, we had a great chance to visit Urban Jürgensen which is a historic watch brand. In their place, we saw their amazing watches, finishing, and also how they polish the hands and do the Grenage on the dial. After the visit, we hope that if someday we could work in Urban Jürgensen that would be really cool. Thanks for the hospitality of Urban Jürgensen. 

Group photo in Urban Jürgensen

They are polishing the hands.

Everyone is amazed with the result.

Cool blueprint of a lever escapement. 

Historical document, Urban Jürgensen is more than 243 year old company.

After the visit, we went straight ahead to Mr. Simonin speech in Neuchatel at EPFL, microcity, he share his watch career on the event. He is really a living legend and dictionary of watchmaking. We could always learn something from him. It's nice to meet hime again.

In the last few days, we also got some tin bars, and we made our own tin plate for polishing. It's really easy to make one. We think we could use these tin plates for our entire watchmaking career.
Last, Merry Xmas for all KHWCC friends and alumni.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy St Nicholas Day!

Last weekend, three professional watchmakers came to KHWCC to learn how to make watch parts for the chronograph. These watchmakers learned new and useful skills that are rarely taught in Switzerland now.  Anyone who is interested in improving his/her watchmaking skills should come to our school. You will learn much more than you could imagine.
It's almost the end of the semester, and this week we practiced different finishing skills. It's really fun and challenging to do finishing. Stan also finished his hour wheel exam. We only have the final theory exam next week, and then we are free.
 This Wednesday is also St Nicholas' Day. This is our first time to hear about this festival. To celebrate, everybody cooked a small dish  and we all got some small gift from school. It's fun to have dinner all together.
professional watchmakers working on their minute jumper.

attempting oil blackening

Friday, December 1, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year

This week the temperature keep going down and of course we got a lot of snow. Every morning we have to get up early, dress properly and walk to school. No more biking. :(

Recently we just upgrade our photo shooting system from now on we can enjoy more detail of the beauty of watchmaking.

Upgrade in pixel and light of photography

Stan start his hour wheel making course this week.
Felix practice using Horia burnishing tool. This is good for mass production and for watchmakers who want to save time and have stable quality of burnish.
This tool is handy and easy to use. Really nice.

We got the tin bars 99.9% purity, to prepare for the making of tin plate for screw polishing. 

Can't wait to make the  plate.

CJ try to produce the spectrum of bluing process. Make the bluing process more visible.

Which color is your new BLUE?

CJ's first trial of finishing parts.

After decoration, with jewel, screw hole chamfer and edge beveling. Surface treated with sand frosting. 

The decoration gives a warm feel back to old days.