Friday, September 14, 2018

Visitor From Voutilainen Workshop

Last weekend we had a visitor from Voutilainen. Antti, he is a Finish watchmaker who had been working for Mr. Voutilainen for ten years. He share us how they work in the atelier and how watchmakers collaborate with each other. From his sharing, we can feel how much work and detail they put into their watches. To improve the timing performance when the watch is in vertical position, they formed Grossmann curve around the collet for every watch. We know how delicate the work is, since we just finished our balance exam not long ago. After Antti's visiting, we hope someday we could also have a chance to visit Mr. Voultilainen's workshop one day.

We also share some of our cases which may affect timing result.

Stan finding a big burr swimming in the shock absorber.

CJ find the cap jewel was worn out in the center.
CJ accidentally catch the 4th wheel pinion with its pivot when handling the movement. Oops.
He made a special anvil and pusher to make the pinion straight again. To bend the pinion straight we heat up the anvil before the process. That's why the anvil is so big, it's for containing heat.

Following, please enjoy the beauty of the new movements for the school.

Special watch with thermometer.

School Watch from Le Locle watchmaking school.

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