Friday, December 14, 2018

It's Winter Break!

The temperature drops right before our vacation, and we had a cheese fondue to wrap up the year.
As usual, we had a deep cleaning of the whole school before break. We are ready for our vacation, and wish everyone safe and sound during the break. See you next year :)

Finally, some of our works this week. Enjoy
CJ annealing the regulator back to normal carbon steel for easier machining.

Choose the proper Phillips curve according to the bridge.

Stan re-pivoting his restoration project.

Friday, December 7, 2018

One more week to the winter break

This week we try to finish as much of our project as possible, because our last winter break in school is coming. Waiting for us ahead is the final exam, time really flies by. :( 
let's check the pictures of what we are working at.

Last weekend the previous student Joe came for the finishing course. It's nice to have him here and we also had a chance to have dinner together with him. Thank you Joe, and all the best.

Yi-Ting is modifying the centre wheel to fit the snail cam into it. 

The challenge is to drill the hole through the whole pivot. The steel is very hard and she couldn't do the drilling in one shot because the hole burnished very easily. She had to drill a bit, clean, and remove the burnish with various compounds. It,s really time consuming. 

Stan accidentally break the fourth wheel pivot, and is a good chance to practice re-pivoting. 

Forth wheel with broken pivot.

After drilling a hole. After this, he still have to prepare the pivot to fit in the hole.

Very busy week for the lathes.

Balance before losing weight. CJ is preparing the bimetal balance for his prototyping, compare with 6498 it is way to heavy, so he has to do some filing to lose some the weight and make it look nice.
Balance after losing weight and some finishing.