Friday, August 26, 2016

Sharpen your tweezers, cause we're back!

Back to work on their secret project
And we're back! The students had a great time back in their countries.  Some still have a bit of jetlag left, but they should be back to full operational mode next week.  This week the students slowly eased back to their previous projects.  Tomas, Simone, and Theren made some progress on their secret project, but regrettably we aren't able to show pictures at this time.  Eddie started repairs on his personal pocket watch, calculating a new mainspring for it while Shuai continued to turn some winding stems.

Shuai turning winding stems

Eddie polishing the jewel for his pocket watch

Henrik, travelling to America this past holiday for the AWCI course, came home full of stories for the students.  Henrik had a great time teaching the 5 day special course he offered and also did a bit of travelling around America by himself after the course finished.  Enjoy some pictures from the amazing premises of the AWCI and its housed museum.
Antique detent escapement model found in the AWCI museum, amazing quality.

The classroom, that was used for the special course.

AWCI museum.

From the AWCI museum; ultra rare and ultra thin minute repeater, Jordan took it out from the museum to let Henrik have a closer look at it, an event in itself! The clarity and volum of the sound was beyond anything produced today.

AWCI also had a collection of the late automotive maker Packard who used to collect rare mosttly Swiss timepieces, interesting!

Henriks office during the 5 day course. He had the chance to borrow Tom Shoemaker's instructor bench who was also helping Henrik setup the course during the weekend and assisting during the entire course for which Henrik was very greatful. Henrik would also like to give a big thanks to Jordan and AWCI for giving this wonderful opportunity to have the chance to come over and try out teaching in these wonderful premises with great and most kind students, overall it was a great experience. 

A little gift from Theren for the hotsauce-loving Henrik, supposedly the hottest on the market (but not really)

We hope all our readers also enjoyed their summer holidays as we did and are ready to work hard like our students are!