Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent activity

14.04.2015 Update

We have had some very busy times in the last few weeks with the Baselworld as well as students taking their final exams and working all hours finishing their final work.  
All students successfully passed the exams and we congratulate them and wish them the most success in their careers.

Shortly after a new class started and the circle is now complete. Some photos from the last few weeks until today below please stay tuned to follow the new class and we hope to continue in the same Great Spirit and report to you our various activities as time goes by.

Tomas our new student in the fullskill course working with shaping metal with the file.

Theren our new student in the fullskill course drilling holes on various metal articles.

Simone doing the taster course/bench test.

Qi lin also doing the taster course/bench test.

Our new student Costya working currently in Jaeger LeCoultre is taking a restoration course.

Brad got his school watch prototype working in the last few weeks of his course, he made the mainplate and all bridges himself including his own click system, we are very proud of his accomplishment. The movement is at this stage a working prototype and will over the years be refined, we wish him the best journey possible in his continued watchmaking adventure.