Friday, June 29, 2018

Pantograph Try Out

This week we try to engrave the school logo by using pantograph machine, it's really fun. Besides of fun, we're sure we can make some parts from the machine in the future.

Meanwhile, we still working on the hairspring and balance.

Today, we have a ``car show`` just across our school. Enjoy.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Restoration Class

Last week we had the restoration course, watchmakers from the Netherlands, Greece and The State are all together here in le Locle. They had a chance to try out some machines and special tools for restoration. Also It's a good chance for everyone to share watchmaking techniques and information. We all had a very fun time together.

For Fullskill students, we also have the honor to have Kaj as our one-week substitute. And basically, we are free to do our own project.

We also had an unexpected guest from RGM to visit us.

First day of the restoration course. 

Kaj is showing Stan some technique of removing dial and hands.

What an honor, we had Roland Murphy, THE watchmaker from RGM , to visit us.

Vasilis from Greece is preparing to restore pallet jewel.

Aris from Greece.
Kalle from the Netherlands, is turning the end part of winding stem and making thread with roller die.

Owen from the Netherlands.

Richard from the Netherlands, is checking the alignment of the cutter for pinion cutting.

Joe from The States, is doing pallet restoration.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Pin it, center it, flatten it ~ Now ~ Repeat!!!

We have been learning about the hairsprings as you know, now we have gone a little bit further into that and learned the second pinning so we have to do it all over again hehe.

The other day we ordered the Antique Watch Restoration nr. 3 by Archie B. Perkins from AWCI in the USA and we received them this week, very good book to own if you like restoration, And thank you AWCI for the friendly and fast service!

Last weekend Eero was here, he was learning how to use the profile projector to restore a balance bridge, by drawing the missing piece on a tracing paper and measuring the correct dimensions from it.

Hope you will have a good weekend.   

Friday, June 1, 2018

Vibrating Tool (Eye training again :)

We start using vibrating or counting tool this week, to learn how to determine the vibrating point of a hairspring according to the frequency we need. For new tool it always takes time for our hands and eyes to get used to it.

All the tools we need for vibrating balance and hairspring.

A classical vibrating tool, with tweezer and also roller to clamp hairspring.

Yi Ting refresh pivot for poising practice.

Our good friend Lathe, when we need modify the tool it is always there.

We also have a chance to know the very Swiss machine - Spiromatic. A productive machine to find the vibrating point of a hairspring.

Last week we had a chance to visit Simonin's bookstore. Henrik and Simonin had a pleasant talk about watchmaking.

Dig into the tools. This is one thing we must do in Simonin's book shop. :)

Vintage tools

Watchmakers dream!