Friday, October 28, 2016

Tooling Around

If only this were at the KHWCC front door!
It was a fullfilling week of treasure hunting for the students.  During the weekend the students went to the Fribourg Forum where they held a big market for all things vintage.  There were many interesting items for sale there, but the students focused their energy on watchmaking related treasures, as you may see in the pictures below.
A Sixis topping tool

An old school timing machine

A nice perlage machine

On Sunday, Theren and Tomas went to Zurich where there was a watch and clock market held twice a year.  It was also an amazing market full of collectors and deliciously looking watches.  Again, they were there mostly for the tools and to look at some beautiful watches.
New cutters for pinion cutting

Volkshaus in Zurich

This was also a great week because Shuai and Eddie started learning about Isochronism, one word they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
Shuai checking his hairsprings

Eddie taking notes on the 8 factors affecting Isochronism

While the other students continued to work on personal projects such as the school watch and restoration pieces.
Theren designing the mechnisms of his school watch on Inventor

Tomas starting on his mainplate

Simone making a column wheel for a broken chronograph

Friday, October 21, 2016

Importance of a good service

The amazing 13ZN

Perfect condition case and dial
Charles missed us so much that he came back this week again to show us his new prized possesion, a rare Longines 13ZN chronograph.  The chronograph is in pristine condition and is a beautifully constructed movement.

Simone brought back a chronograph over the past weekend which was supposedly "serviced" less than a year ago from a self-acclaimed watchmaker.  The group was surprised to find out after opening the caseback that many components were destroyed due to over-oiling and lack of proper servicing procedures.  This was a great educational example of how important each detail of what the students have learned in the school are.  Also, never trust an 80 Euro overhaul!

Shuai centering and flattening the hairspring

Tomas doing repairs

Eddie studding up

Simone working on a hairspring
Theren setting up the timing machine
During the week, Shuai and Eddie started on the theory behind isochronism, which are divided into 8 factors that they will have to learn over the next few weeks.  Besides the theory, they have also began studding up the perfectly centered and flattened hairsprings onto the balance bridge and creating the perfect regulating curve, and double bend.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Charles and the watch factory

Group picture
Charles sharing stories
This week the school got a surprise visit from Charles, one of our alumni from the last graduating class.  As you might know, Charles worked for Roger Smith on the Isle of Man.  He shared his experiences working for a watchmaking superstar along with many tips and tricks of the trade.  The students were able to learn and understand much more about the Independents' side of watchmaking. Henrik and the students enjoyed  his company and wishes Charles all the best in his future endeavors.

Eddie centering hairsprings

Shuai flattening and centering hairsprings
In the school, Eddie and Shuai were taught how the 2nd pinning point is calculated and cut.  The next for them is to practice flattening and centering once more. Wish them luck everyone! They\re going to need a lot of it!
Tomas burnishing pivots for his repairs

Tomas rebushed damaged threads in two of his school exercise mainplates this week along with some timing and restoration here and there.  He also finished his swan neck screw which could be done because the roller die has finally come.

Theren adjusting hairsprings for timing
Theren on the other hand finished all his timing exercises and can now focus on his school watch and the secret school project.
Our new school mascot

Henrik had graduated! Thank you AWCI

Friday, October 7, 2016

Back to CH and Vibrating

Henrik had a lot to share with the students since he got back from the AWCI convention in Chicago, aside from the finishing course Henrik listened in to a wide range of horologically related lectures such as the future of 3D printing, micromilling, 3D scanning in watchmaking, writing articles for watch magazines and macro photography.

That's what a badge for VIP looks like!
Students hard at work.
Henrik met a lot of enthusiastic watchmakers from all over America, and even one student came all the way from Australia answering many of their questions in his micro-lectures. All in all Henrik had a great time in America and is looking forward to the next AWCI event in 2017.

Group photo of the class
3D printed gears.
Micro millingmachine.
While Henrik was away the students kept busy working on personal projects and some started working on the school watch.
Theren making the mainplate for his school watch
Shuai fixing his lathe's spindle

This week Eddie and Shuai started vibrating hairsprings, after the in depth presentation Henrik gave them they were both able to succeed in obtaining the correct VPH(Vibrations Per Hour).
Simone made a new winding stem for a customers Valjoux 22 chronograph wristwatch.

Learning vibrating

beautiful resort that hosted the connvention.

too bad Henrik had time only for watchmaking.