Friday, January 11, 2019

Back to school

Happy new year, hope everyone had a nice holiday. After this last vacation, it's nice to see the snowy Le Locle, now we're one step closer to the final exam and graduation. So this week everyone was working pretty hard to pick up what ever was left from last year and find our pace back.

But this is also the period of the year that people get sick easily, beside one student we all catch a cold, that didn't do us any help to our job at all. :(    Take care guys !

Stan is doing a re-pivoting on a 4th wheel of his watch restoration.
The result looks very nice.
Jig boring is playing a super big role behind our school watch part.
Timing of the watch is very time consuming.
Refresh the drill can make sure the hole we drill will be nice and clean.

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