Friday, January 30, 2015

Our treasure.

Our stock of movements is always growing and this here is the majority of our vintage stock of movements
in various sizes and types, most of them in mint condition.

This is a stock of vintage AS 1012 movements, small female movements. Once the students become more and
more skilled in repairing, they will repair those beauties since it requires more
skills to repair smaller movements than big ones.

Stock and spare parts of Incablocs which is a shock-absorber system,
invented to protect the pivots of the balance staff.

We haven't been too active updating the blog lately since the final exams for guys in workshop 1 just started so there was bunch of stuff for us to do to prepare for it. More than 2 years of extremely hard work is soon coming to an end for the guys so their journey is nearly finished and we wish them best of luck!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Article about screw polishing.

The director of K&H Watchmaking Competence Centre, Henrik Korpela, was a guest contributor for the blog Watches by SJX which is a blog dedicated to watches and fine watchmaking. We have recommended some editorial articles from it before and if you haven't bookmarked the page yet, we seriously recommend that you do since it is one of the finest watch blogs out there.

The article that Henrik wrote concerns one of the essentials you find in a true high-end watch; Screw polishing. When you read the article which is very thorough and educational, you will have a better idea why true high-end watches are expensive because high quality hand finishing is extremely time consuming and can not be made in high production.

The article can be found here. Please tell us your thoughts, would you like to read more articles such as this?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

... And the holiday is over

Everyone is slowly getting back on track after the Christmas holiday where overeating and absurd bedtime hours messed up all our routines. It was good to be home with family and friends, but it's also good to be back. For the next few weeks, the students will be sweating and swearing preparing for their final exam that is coming up. So it's gonna be a helluva ride for everyone during the beginning of the year.

We have a bench tester currently at the school, a young man from Norway. He will be filing, sharpening screwdrivers and doing all sorts of fun exercises with us this week. We hope he will like the torture!

Henrik explaining to Simon screwdriver sharpening.

Trying out himself.

We hope you had a nice Christmas holiday like us and we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Lets give a warm welcome to 2015 because we are feeling a bit cold here in Le Locle.