Friday, September 26, 2014

Interview with Brad Taylor, a student of K&H

Photo courtesy of Eternal Tools

Earlier this month, a student of ours, Brad Taylor from Toronto Canada, was interviewed by Eternal Tools and published on their blog. Eternal Tools is a tool manufacture based in UK and they have some interesting tools for the watchmaking industry. We encourage you to go over to the Eternal Tools blogpage and have a look. See the interview here: Interview with Brad.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Timing and Examinations

Today in the workshops some students are taking their escapement examinations, which involves tiny adjustments. The goal is to achieve the most efficient, but safe transfer of energy in the escapement.

In this large model we can see the jewels which can be adjusted, in the actual pallet fork the jewels are held by shellac. the entire fork is heated on a plate and adjusted very precisely. Adjusting the escapement can take multiple attempts making this a sometimes challenging process.

Robert preparing examination material.

Stefano begining his exam.

In the other class students have been introduced to the timing machines and dynamic poising.

After spending a long time with hairsprings sometimes micromechanics work is a good way to change things up. Here's Brad on the Schaublin 102.
A cool knurled tool handle Brad made from Aluminum.
As well we have a new bench testee getting introduced to some of the basics n the workshop.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oscillator Theory

For the last few weeks, the students in Workshop 1 have been going through the balance & hairspring module of the course. It involves a lot of practice in manipulating hairsprings, which can be painstakingly frustrating but at the same time extremely fascinating, and satisfying once you can do it. In the picture below, Henrik is giving the students a theory lesson of isochronism, using this brilliant oscillating model for demonstration which helps a lot in understanding the theory.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pallet Forks & Hairsprings

Today workshop one is continuing their work with balances - flattening hairsprings, pinning collets, reaming collets and other related work.

Kevin flattening a balance with a Lyre truing caliper.
Charles working with a Luthy tool, vibrating hairsprings.

Henrik checking hairsprings.

In workshop 2 the students are working on adjusting the jewels in the pallet fork. After learning the theory they continue to the bench and practice adjusting the drop and total lock of the Swiss lever ecapement. The adjustments are very precise and important for good function.

Tryggvi adjusting a pallet fork.
German performing a pallet fork adjustment.

This escapement meter is used for precise adjustment of the pallet fork jewels.

Robert checking students work.