Friday, March 22, 2024

Meeting old friends!


Week 12

This week we had a nice surprise when 2 of our alumni came to visit! Welcome back, Sif and Yi Ting!

Left to right:
Henrik, Sif, Michael, Svenja, Yi Ting



Workshop A + B

    Art, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel, Nine
    Amer, Dunham, Faris, Ivan, Louis, Varun

    This week Amer and Faris took their final exam! Best of luck to them!

    This week, Daniel, David, and Miguel learned how to unpin the hairspring from the collet and the stud.

     This week Miguel and David were working on their hairspring exercises.

Here is David putting his hairspring onto the frequency vibrating tool.

Here is the berylium copper clock hairspring Miguel is trying to bend back to the correct concentricity.

   This week Miguel also made a new winding stem for his Heuer stopwatch.

Because it is a stopwatch, there is no pinion on the front.

    This week Daniel fit a modified mainspring into a pocket watch barrrel. He shortened the spring and punched-and-hand filed a square hole into the end of the spring to catch the hook of the barrel.


Here is the old mainspring, completely dead. It no longer fully unwinds to its original size.

    This week Art and Nine learned how to use the pantographe. Art used it to engrave his pallet fork holder design.

Art is tracing the outline of his frog design.
Close up of the machine cutting the cheeks of the frog.

The frog after engraving.

The finished pallet fork holder with the spring and handle.

Thank you for reading!

Hope to see you again next week! 

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