Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer holidays are coming ...

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the inactivity, we have been extremely busy working on winding stems and pivot gauges, two huge subjects in the micro-mechanical module of the program. All the exams are done and thankfully everyone passed but what a hard work the students had to put in to pass because winding stems and pivot gauges are most probably the hardest exams. So much can go wrong, one slip and you are finished! But that's also what makes watchmaking so interesting, you have to train and work so hard through trial and error until you find your own specific technique and then it becomes more comfortable to work.

Stefano's winding stem in the making, in the 8 mm lathe.

And here it's ready. Looking really really good.

The younger guys made some cool holder/stand for their pivot gauges.

This is Kevin's stand. Made from black plastic, gives cool contrast to the steel color.

And this is Brad's. Care to guess from what material he made it from?

We have also a small announcement. The school will be CLOSED during summer break from Friday 26th of July to Monday 12th of August. For any inquires or information, please wait until we come back. I hope everyone are enjoying their summer, at least we are enjoying the nice weather in Le Locle after some really shitty spring.