Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hello everyone. Sorry for the radio and internet silence. We have been rather busy before we left for our Christmas breaks. A 4 week long holiday did us all very good. Watchmaking is a tedious and rewarding activity but we need our break. Henrik went home to Sweden and all the boys went home to their countries. 

Some have said to us a 4 week holiday is too long but hey, it was a good decision. Plane tickets tend to be expensive nearing to christmas and they are horribly expensive again after the New Year's. We all worked very hard before we took our break and an ample rest always benefits the mind and body. Eliminating the rush hour plane rushes, a long enough break and lower expenses, we are now back ! 

This was our visit to Mr Dufour before the Christmas break. He was charming and welcoming as usual. He also taught us a few tricks ! 

Henrik and the boys talking to the Mr Dufour

His Simplicite

The crew.

The very last Simplicite to leave the Le Sentier workshop.

Mr Dufour's geneva wave device.

Joseph admiring the work of Mr Dufour. 

Henrik on a happy note.

Nimble fingers of the living god of watchmaking.