Thursday, March 28, 2024

Farewell to good friends


Week 13

This week we are going to say goodbye to Amer and Faris as they will be completing their time in school. Best of luck to them and congratulations!

They prospered under the care and guidance of Michael (far left) and Henrik (far right)


Workshop A+B

    Art, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel, Nine
    Amer, Dunham, Faris, Ivan, Louis, Varun

This week Daniel remade a broken crownweel for a detent pocket watch, it was a bit more tricky than conventional wheels due to teeth hearing downwards as well as outwards. Still more finishing to do but fits snuggly in place. 

Left: The newly made wheel
Right: The original wheel

    This week Miguel made a new bushing for the 6498 pallet fork jewel

Here he is reaming the hole to 129 on the staking set.

Miguel also restored a set of old horia pushers.
Here Miguel is cleaning the rust off the screw, spring and the pin

Upper: Pusher after re-finishing
Lower: Tarnished pusher

The complete set re-finished and restored

    This week Harold, after disassembly of 6498 and the Elgin pocket watch, has lubed up, reassembled, and ensured both can properly function before doing the timing. In the process, Harold learned the peculiarities of watchmaking in the past, as reflected in the Elgin pocket watch.

    This week Ivan made more progress on his school watch design.

    This week Ivan also made a new cannon pinion for a Rolex movement.
The old cannon pinion (above) had cracked down the middle.

    This week Louis made his own gear cutters from scratch to make his escape wheel.
Here he is scrubbing off the scale from hardening.

The finished cutters and the accompanying arbor with eccentric screw mount.

Thank you for reading!
Hope to see you again next week!

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