Friday, July 14, 2023

Bench Test!

Week 28

This week we had a new bench tester, Greg from Arizona!


Workshop B

    Dean, Ivan, Louis, Tetsu, Varun

    This week, Dean and Tetsu had a little relaxing time. It doesn’t mean an easy one, but passing the balance & hairspring exam last week was a big challenge for both of them.

    Now they are concentrating on mandatory assignments, such as building up the 7 movements and working on their own watches & movements for repair points before facing the final exam later this year.

    Dean was experimenting with pallet jewel adjustments to discover the effect it has on amplitude and timing.
Tetsu was learning the lubrication of escapement and gear trains; also dynamic poising practice.

    This week, Ivan, Louis and Varun did their trial exams and real exam for filing the male and female piece. They all passed!

    They also worked on more of their tools. Ivan finished his pressfit plate and started planning to make his barrel closing tool.
    Varun is remaking his pressfit plate to improve his work before submission.

    Louis had a little down time this week and made an aluminum ring to practice on the milling attachment for the schaublin.


Workshop A 

    Dunham, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel

    This week, Dunham started preparing to service his Gruen!

    Daniel finished shaping his anvil and polishing tripod!


    David finished his polishing tripod!

    Harold has done 2 practice exams for lubrication of the winding and setting mechanism! 


    Miguel is preparing 3 winding stems for submission!

The 2 are the standard exercise dimensions and the 3rd is a copy of a winding stem for a small Longines movement.

    He finished hardening and tempering so all that remains is to cut the slot and do the final finishing!




Summer vacation is right around the corner! 


Friday, July 7, 2023

Tools and Machining!

Week 27 



Workshop A

Amer, Dunham, Daniel, David, Harold, Miguel 


    This week, Daniel finished his pallet fork holder and took gear train distances for his 286 omega movement.

The main "stage" for the pallet fork is made of steel that has been set in a milled hole and screwed to keep steady.

    This week, David continued working on pivot gauges.

    This week Miguel finished his poising plate and balance bridge holder.

The base plate is finished with Black Rhodium and the screws are finished in White Rhodium

The base and spike are both plated in Black Rhodium.

    This week, Amer and Dunham continued working on their escapements. They're learning how to shellac the pallet jewels and adjust them on the escape meter.


Workshop B

Dean, Ivan, Louis, Tetsu, Varun, 

    Congratulations to Dean and Tetsu for finishing and passing their hairspring exam!

    This week Louis and Varun learned how to use the milling attachment for the lathe.

    Varun also finished his balance bridge holder.



Next week we will have another bench test!


Stay tuned to meet them and see the highlights of workshop B!


Thank you for reading, see you next week!