Friday, October 3, 2014

A visit from Bangladesh

Yesterday afternoon, we had a visitor here in the school. Hasan Golam, Henrik's former student and Robert's former classmate from WOSTEP, came to the school to pay the guys a visit. It was a nice afternoon and evening where we all had a long talk about good times in the past, about watches, watchmaking among other things. But first of all we had a good laugh like always when Hasan is around.

Hasan is a highly skilled watchmaker that has been for the last few years working for Swatch Group in Asia. Lately, he has been setting up a training center in his home country, Bangladesh, where he is planning to train local people to become watch technicians. Hasan is the sole watchmaker in Bangladesh and probably the only Swiss trained watchmaker in India and Pakistan, with a total population of 1.5 billion people where watchmaking is totally absent but tens of thousands of expensive watches and millions of watches are sold every year. Sometime, these watches have to be serviced, and with watchmakers being "hobbyists" in those countries, this is a very logical and necessary step Hasan is taking. We wish him all the best with this new adventure and challenge he is undertaking.

Robert, Henrik and Hasan.

Henrik is explaining to Hasan and Martijn (another watchmaker and a friend of ours, coming from Holland) this vintage sextant he found at a fleamarket.

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  1. Hi! is there anyway to get in touch with Mr. Hasan? I am from Bangladesh and I might have a business proposition for him. Thank you. Please mail me at: - if possible with the info