Friday, June 21, 2024

Tour de Suisse and Bench Test!

 Week 25

This week we had a nice surprise when the Tour de Suisse passed through the town in the afternoon! 

They closed the road in front of the school all the way through Le Locle and up to La Chaux de Fonds!

We also had a new bench tester! Sense from Thailand!

 Here he is black polishing some screws on a tin plate.


Workshop A + B 

    Art, Daniel, David, Miguel, Nine, Sheikh

    Craig, Dunham, Ivan, Louis, Mun, Varun 

    This week Art did practice exams to prepare for the winding stem exam.

    This week Daniel finished his case design for his school watch. It is made from 7 separate pieces screwed together.

    This week David tested bending and regulating a CGS 7.1 hairspring for the 6498.



    This week Miguel took several trial exams to prepare for the hairspring exam.

    This week Ivan, Louis and Varun started learning about the escapement. How to fix the lock of the pallet fork, how to fix the endshake of the pallet fork and balance wheel and how to adjust jewels and manipulate shellac.

Thank you for reading!
Hope to see you again next week! 

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