Friday, June 14, 2024

EPHJ Visit!


Week 24

This week we had a school trip to the annual EPHJ exhibit in Geneva.

    We got to see the different companies who produce the furnishings and other components for different watch brands.
Here is an assortment of loupes customized for different brands.
Here are several different designs for automatic rotors.
We met a company who is able to 3d print cases in titanium.
A multi axis CNC machine milling a watch case.
One of the movements from Dubois Depraz.
LESS SA's new product, eye glasses with an attached loupe
Their lighting technology is placed around the rim to illuminate the work piece.
A familiar looking sapphire case.
A company who specializes in making ceramic parts for bezels, pushers and crowns.
A company who was doing a demonstration of using a rose engine for hand guilloche.
    This week we also say goodbye to our good friend Faris as he finishes his 2 month extension to work on his own projects and he is returning home.


Workshop A+B

    Art, Daniel, David, Miguel, Nine, Sheikh
    Craig, Dunham, Ivan, Louis, Mun, Varun

    This week Art took a practice exam for winding stems.

    This Daniel has more progress on his bridges and mainplate design. Daniel has also passed his hair spring exam this week.

    This week Craig and Mun learned how to blue screws using the electric heater.

    This week Louis made a new 4th wheel and pinion for his his LeCoultre 5 minute repeater.

Louis hand spoked the 4th wheel

Louis remade the pinion as well the original pinion is the damaged one above,
The new one he made is underneath.

    This week Varun also finished adjusting the jewels and endshake for the gear train of the 7 movements and he also completed his geartrain exam.




Thank you for reading! Hope to see you again next week!

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