Friday, June 28, 2024

Busy week!


Week 26


Workshop A

    Art, Daniel, David, Miguel, Nine, Sheikh

    This week Art and Nine did several practice exams for winding stem.

    This week Miguel took and passed his hairspring exam! He also made 3 custom Horia tool anvils to support the roller table when putting it on the balance and when putting on the collet and hairspring.

After turning the all the dimensions before finishing.
Plating them in white rhodium to protect the surface.

The pieces after plating and finishing. The necks were tapered to create a strong but still stable support for the roller table.

    This week Daniel, David and Miguel started the chronograph course.

Here Michael is teaching them the parts of the chronograph using a Valjoux 22, column wheel movement.

Next he showed them a Longines pocket watch

This particular chronograph is special because it has an instantaneous jumping minute counter.

Finally he showed them a Zenith El Primero movement to show different executions of the column wheel chronograph.

To practice, they each have an ST19 column wheel movement which is a copy of the Venus 175 movement.
    This week Sheikh started the technician course. He cleaned and prepared his tools and supplies and started his first lesson, which is to diassemble, clean, and oil 30 incablocs.


Workshop B

    Craig, Louis

    This week Craig started on making winding stems. He learned heat treating, how to grind hard metal on the agathon and started making a steel ring to protect the large cylinder when filing the square.
Here he is learning how to shape hard metal on the Agathon to make slot gravers.
    This week Louis started restoring a Marine Chronometer.

It has a cylindrical hairspring.
The pivot of the center wheel has very thick rust from disuse.
In the process of cleaning up the rust.


 Thank you for reading!

Hope to see you again next week!

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