Friday, December 17, 2021


 WEEK 141

This will be a short blogpost, Today (Friday) we did the final resetting of the school, so it will be like new when we get back! We had a nice Christmas dinner and also to celebrate Michaels graduation! It was a really nice different week which is great once in a while. Below some pictures in no particular order of the week happening. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Congratulations Michael!
And also Congratulations to Alex!

Christmas dinner!

We had the good fortune to visit Maurizio in the Herrli tool and watch part store in Bienne just before the holidays! 

Renato made a prototype return to zero hammer, the prototype has been temporarily mounted over the lower hammer for adjustments as they both have to return to zero at the same time, as this one worked perfectly he will make a steel copy of it!

Francesco modified his micrometre by making new narrow jaws so he can measure inside narrow slots! The once he made are on the left and the original are on the right.

We also got plenty of snow!!

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