Friday, May 26, 2023

To the tool store!

Week 21

    The school made a visit to Horlogerie Herrli in Biel/Bienne last weekend!  It is a shop that sells watchmaking tools. Everything from oilers, tweezers and movement holders to staking sets, hairspring vibrating tools, and other specialized tools!

Its like a candy store for watchmakers!

Francesco looking through various trays and boxes



Workshop B

Åsmund, Dean, Francesco, Robert, Tetsu, Xin


    This week Åsmund, Francesco and Robert took their final exams!

    This week, Henrik introduced Tetsu and Dean to hairsprings.  This included theory regarding the influences on isochronism.  Tetsu and Dean learned how to cut out balance staffs from balance wheels, removal of rollers, and how to install new staffs and rollers.  Static poising was also covered.  


Tetsu working on a balance with a staking tool.

Dean static poising a balance wheel


    Next, Tetsu and Dean learned how to pin collets to hairsprings. 


Size comparison of the collet and hairspring to 10 Canadian cents.

    The next step was to use a hairspring vibrating tool to set the frequency of the hairspring to 18000 beats per hour. 


Dean matching the movement of the hairspring to his vibrating tool to regulate it to 18,000 vibrations.

    Tetsu and Dean have a number of balances to build up and practice their skills at ensuring their balances are set to the proper frequency.


Workshop A


Daniel, David

    This week Daniel and David finished their final practice tests for making winding stems and are looking forward to taking the real exam next week!   


Polished square and pivot of a practice winding stem.



Next week there will be a graduation dinner for Åsmund, Francesco and Robert!


Thank you for reading, hope to see you again! 

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