Friday, May 19, 2023


Week #20

Its spring time and the cattle are back to grazing in the fields around the school!

    Also this week Åsmund, Francesco and Robert started their final exams! Today they did the oral and written theory exam and inspection of the movements that they will be working on.



Workshop A

- Amer, Dunham, Daniel, David, Miguel

     This week Daniel, David and Miguel did more practice exams for the winding stem in order to get used to doing it with both speed and precision as learning which areas to improve.

    They also learned how to use the milling attachment on the lathe for slot cutting on screws. 

    Miguel also finished working on his pallet fork holder.

On a dark background, the black rhodium appears white or silver.
    The plate is made of brass that has been Black Rhodium plated (but it appears grey) and beveled, the large blued hairspring was bent and polished by hand, and the handle is made of wood that was turned down and oiled before being fixed onto the screw.

On a lighter background, it is more obvious that it is plated with black rhodium.


    It has 2 sizes of holes as "eyes," the smaller hole closer to the spring is for ladies watch caliber pallet forks and the larger hole is for average to larger sized pallet forks.


    This week Amer and Dunham started learning about barrels.

Open barrel to examine the parts of the mainspring. Notice the drops of grease to allow the mainspring to wind smoothly.

    They learned how to assemble and disassemble the barrel, how to properly lubricate it with grease, and how to correct the side shake and end shake by punching the hole with the staking set.



Workshop B

- Dean, Tetsu and Xin

    This week Tetsu and Dean got introduced to the balance and hairspring course, they tried out different techniques to extract double rollers, balance staffs, removing the split collet from the hairspring as well as the stud, they tried it out on a number of vintage and modern oscillators.


    Meanwhile Xin was repairing several vintage watches for repair points.


    Starting next week Åsmund, Francesco and Robert will be taking their practical final exam. They will have to repair and service 5 different movements throughout the week!


Thank you for reading and hope to see you again next week!

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