Thursday, September 1, 2011

Screw polisher .. Piece number 2

We have a photographer attached to the school at the moment and its great fun. 

We've made a polishing tool and we're selling it first to high level watchmakers who use it for polishing screwheads, bridges and other difficult parts. This is piece number 2 and it was designed in the school. Its being sold for approximately CHF 350 but this is because piece number 2 has straight grain polishing and other types of fine polishing. 

We are selling a series of 10 pieces first with different finishing and for abit of fun, we're going to have different finishings. We are even going to try and engrave patterns and pictures on the top. Maybe even a smiley face for the mischievous watchmaker ! 

If anyone else is interested, drop us an email at We're in the process of making a video on how to use this tool very soon too !

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