Friday, June 2, 2017

"The grill" Korean food, visit from Australia, Serbia and a filing exam

    Last week was our first intermediate filing exam, we didn't update the blog because everyone of us was really exhausted after the week. Henrik gave us two trial exams before the official one. Some of us felt a bit frustrate after the trial, because we DID NOT FINISH IT. :(  Thanks to Henrik, he gave and shared us some useful adivices and his personal experiences. That helps a lot, the second trial most of us make a huge progress, we not only finished the work piece but even better than expected. It helped us build confidence for the real exam.

Weekend before the intermediate exam is our first International Food Festival. Thanks Felix, to be the first one prepared the Korean cuisine for us. Students from Taiwan did not have rice or Asian food for a while. It's really comfort food for them.

Last week we also took advantage of the nice weather to have BBQ on the mountain. The view is really fantastic and heal our wonded mind after the trial exam.

Svenja said: This is the best look of the SWISS BBQ hot dog. And CJ said: Yep, when the hot dog become the octopus. 

What a lovely family. We should have this kind of BBQ more often, to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland and food.

Breathtaking view from the top of the hill, where we can see the Apls and the Mont Blanc.

We were lucky to have Oliver visit us, who is a watchmaker from Australia he was sent to Europe for forteen weeks training. He shared a lot of his working experiences and encouraged us to keep sharpening our watchmaking skills during these two years for the furture life long career. Oliver also encourage us to consider Australia as an option to develope our career's  Hope their goverment can change the VISA policy for the professional watchmaker in the future. :p
Oliver is a very easy-going and nice guy to talk to, everyone likes him.
Shuai is black polishing screws for his restoration project.

Nikola, from Serbia, attended the taster course this week. Hope he enjoyed the week with the filing, polishing, movement operation and us.  
The escapement wheel of Felix's spring detent escapement. 
Eddie decorate his crown wheel with sun ray finishing. 

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