Friday, June 30, 2017


This week we have been learning to cut slots in blue steel which is the last set of  skills to learn before the winding stem exam is upon us. It has thrown up some interesting challenges and many frustrations!

The Agathon machine earned its keep this week as we all were grinding our slot gravers to the required dimensions and shape.
Reshaping broken hard metal drills into slot cutters. Knowing the rake and clearance angle is key to make a good cutter.

To complete a winding stem we have a lot of pre-excercises to do, like square filing and slot cutting.  There is no secret for us, just practice and practice. 
Practice makes perfect.

It's our first time to see cows chewing leafs on the tree. Haha~~
While the weather this week in Le Locle has been tumultous and the cows have run for shelter we are glad for the cool air streaming through the workshop
Thank you Svenja! She made a delicious cake for us to celebrate CJ's birthday. The cake is really GOOD.

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