Friday, May 19, 2017

Sound of cowbell music

It really feels relaxing and mind healing to have the sound of cowbells with us when working. We hope the weather would be sunny like this instead of  raining and snowing.

I want to lay down like these cows. 
We are expected to finish most of our hand made tools before the first exam. Everyone push themselfs to finish all the work in time.

Felix is now working on his school watch prototype model. He designs and makes his own pocket watch. He makes his own fly cutter to produce his escape wheel. Woo~~that was fast. 

Yi-Ting practice operating the Agathon grinding machine to sharpen tungsten gravers for the lathes.

Stan grind graver with Agathon.
Agathon is one of Henrik's favorite machines. It is really time saving to grind the graver with a machine, but later we will have to learn how to manually grind a graver in the traditional way. We always learn things in both modern and traditional ways, which is good.
Sif focus on her delicate work pieces.

Shuai restoring a wrist watch from his friend. Restoration is a good way to gain experience and momentum for watchmaking.
CJ is drilling his pointed nose vice. 

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