Friday, June 9, 2017

New Stuff, Jig Boring not Boring

   This week the weather is really bouncy in Le Locle. The temperature goes up and down and sun also plays hide and seek. We learned our last large machine - Jig Boring machine (important machine in watchmaking) for tool making. The machine also called pointing machine is known for its precision and  fullfils most of the needs for professional watchmaking. If you want to become a professional, you shouldn't miss it ;)
   As usual, Henrik showed us general introduction and safety requirements when operating the machine. After that, each of us has to perform required mission including centering, scribing, drilling and so on  under Henrik's supervision to show our basic understanding of it.
Learning how to read the vernier correctly

Stan practices scribing a square. 

Felix drilling holes in required location.
Sif used jid borer to locate the points according to drawing.
Yiting double check the drilled hole with microscope to confirm the exact location of it. 

CJ used lathe to perform milling. He makes the screw according to his own design.
Shuai and Eddie start preparing for their final exam with repairing moden movements. The final exam is pretty tough with Henrik's high standard. We must be well prepared before the exam.

Next week is the deadline for our hand-made tools, and only finishing them remains. It would be better if we could finish them because there are lots new stuff to learn after next week..

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