Friday, June 23, 2017

More filing and turning plus a visit to EPHJ

This week we continue doing our pre-excercise for winding stem. The second thing we learn is that we use a file to file a cylinder piece into a square. As usual, we start with a brass piece which is an easier one and then a steel one. At first , we learn some unique techniques from Henrik and then use the techniques to hand file a cylinder piece. It is really difficult to finish the square piece with great   flatness, finishing, and to dimension. However, it just need more practice to accopplish it, and it feels really great when you conquer all the issues to know now we can also do it. 

In addition, there is a huge exhibition in Geneva this week, and it's all about watchmaking tools, machines and watch conponents. This is the first big exhibition we went to,and everything is new for us. We went to the exhibition on Thursday, and it's a great chance to meet some people and do some social networking. We saw lots of cool automatic machines which are for big companies for mass production, but it's still interesting to get the idea how the big companies make their watches now. The more attractive things for us is to see some special supplier which provide nice movements, cases, and small conponents. We met some of them and talk to them to know their designs and their vision for their companies. We may have a chance to cooperate with them in a near future for our school project. 

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