Friday, June 16, 2017

Turning over a new leaf

This week we were all very exited to begin turning on the 8mm lathes. so much so that grinding the gravers was almost a pleasure. the pain in our hands has mostly gone and it is now second nature to keep our gravers razor sharp.

we began learning the 8mm lathe by turning the most fundemental cuts on it, male, female cones, shoulders, cylinders etc.

we also learned proper maintenence and disasembly of the lathes, all of us treat our lathes as if they were our own babies.

We are lucky to have Brad and Charles come back to share their work and bench test experience with us. They are in Switzerland doing research for their own watch brand. 
One of Felix's favorite part of the courses, hand turning. He is really enjoying it, here he is preparing the gravers before turning.

Before we start turning, we have to do some exercises, grinding our own gravers. 
It's the best time to have conversation with ourselves. 
A good watchmaker not only take good care of the watches, but also his own tools. Flatness, straightness, and keep the true diamond shape of the graver is also very important. Good job, guys.

Felix servicing his lathe.

Lathe disassembled for inspection cleaning and oiling.

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