Friday, July 20, 2018

Best Summer Wishes!

Today we finished the annual 'deep' cleaning of the whole school. Now we are ready for our last summer break in school and wish you guys also an enjoyable summer.

This week we had a nice school outing to the castle near Montreux, Ch√Ęteau de Chillon and hiking in Rochers de Naye. The view from the mountain is really fantastic, we spend some time up there and got some tanned. Really nice.

we also share some pics of our pop task two weeks ago, this is what the prototype click look like of our school watch in the future.

Friday, July 13, 2018

One week before summer break

We keep working on the click, click spring and, of course, hairspring. Surprisingly, this year so far, the temperature in Le Locle is pretty cool, so it's kind of comfortable for working. We also took the advantage of the nice weather and had a short visit of the Jules Grossmann exhibition in Le Locle.

The show room 407 was Mr. Grossmann's workshop in the old days.

Nice view, look out from the room 407.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Pop Task

Haha...We had a pop task from Henrik this week- making a trial piece of click spring (with beryllium copper) for our school watch.  It actually bring us back to reality from manipulating hairsprings. (Everyone is like zombie ....) Which is very good, I guess all of us are kind of exhausted of doing hairspring. We need to escape from hairspring and to refresh or reset our brain.

By the way, thank you Richard and Aris. Henrik received your gift this week. Thanks a lot. :)

Last weekend, Eero machined the regulator of his restoration project. We are sure we'll soon see his project done.

Share some pictures (we forgot to share last week :P) of our school outing in a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy

Friday, June 29, 2018

Pantograph Try Out

This week we try to engrave the school logo by using pantograph machine, it's really fun. Besides of fun, we're sure we can make some parts from the machine in the future.

Meanwhile, we still working on the hairspring and balance.

Today, we have a ``car show`` just across our school. Enjoy.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Restoration Class

Last week we had the restoration course, watchmakers from the Netherlands, Greece and The State are all together here in le Locle. They had a chance to try out some machines and special tools for restoration. Also It's a good chance for everyone to share watchmaking techniques and information. We all had a very fun time together.

For Fullskill students, we also have the honor to have Kaj as our one-week substitute. And basically, we are free to do our own project.

We also had an unexpected guest from RGM to visit us.

First day of the restoration course. 

Kaj is showing Stan some technique of removing dial and hands.

What an honor, we had Roland Murphy, THE watchmaker from RGM , to visit us.

Vasilis from Greece is preparing to restore pallet jewel.

Aris from Greece.
Kalle from the Netherlands, is turning the end part of winding stem and making thread with roller die.

Owen from the Netherlands.

Richard from the Netherlands, is checking the alignment of the cutter for pinion cutting.

Joe from The States, is doing pallet restoration.