Friday, November 16, 2018

It's Winter Time

Keep updating some pictures about the Biennale du Patrimoine Horloger. We have a chance to visit Greubel Forsey, to have a close insight of the factory. Also have a pleasure to talk to the watchmaker behind the watch. And later, during the conference event we have BHI watchmaker come to La Chaux-de-Fond  share some history and their experience to us. 

During the weekend, there are also watchmaking flea market in Les Fins, France and La Chaux-de-Fond Horology Museum.  Thanks Henrik to bring us to both place, so we don't miss out each one of them in our last year during school.

We had visitors from the Smell of metal, who interviewed Henrik and promoted watchmaking in their blog post.

Outside of Greubel and Forsey

The British connection

Flee market!

Smell of Metal visit and interview of Henrik

Some of our daily pictures:

tried a tip on thread removal inside of crown, thanks Horological Times! 

Filing bridges to shape

One step closer to finishing the school watch.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekend for Biennale du Patrimoine Horloger

This weekend there are a lot of watchmaking related events going on in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds. Including a lot of companies visting and also seminar for watchmakers. But all the companies visiting have to book pretty early, so if you miss this time you have to wait for 2 years.

We are lucky this year, we booked for Greubel Forsey, Breitling, Corum, and Girard-Perregaux. If we are allowed to take some pictures during our visit, we'll share in our blog post to everyone. :)

Today, we had visitors from Estonia who is also into the art of watchmaking they interviewed Henrik for their watchmaking blog. We also show some of our work to them to show them what we are working at during our course, next Friday we will show you some pics from this.

First day visiting Corum.

Yiting is doing research of the movement for her school watch.

Preparing tool for chronograph course.

Learning how to use Best Fit to identify the unknown caliber.

Use Jig borer to mill out screw recess of click.
Click in the Jig-Boring machine.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Taster course student from Houston

This week we had James from Houston taking one week taster course. He already worked in watch industry for ten years and would like to learn more for future restoration work. During the week, he practices the filing exercise, black polishing, beveling, making yoke. The taster course goes pretty well, and hope to see him in the future.

Last weekend we had watchmakers from Jaeger le Coultre using their free time keep sharpening their techniques and skills at school.
James black polishing screws.
Costya Black polishing screws.
Watchmakers black polishing.

Marino Burnishing the pivot.
Luca hand turning small pivots.
Bunishing Pivot.
Yiting performing precision timing.
Sif use Vissain to cook away the broken stud holder screw in the balance bridge.
CJ is modifying the barrel bridge for the school watch.
CJ make the cutter to cut out the recess for sliding and winding pinion. Trial piece.

Raw shape barrel bridge after modified gears working together.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Automatic mechanism

     This week, we learned some basic knowledge about the automatic watches. Henrik showed us the three different kinds of oscillating weights and explained what are the differences. We also learned how the oscillating weights wind the watches and saw the different reversers. Henrik also showed us a simple way to check whether the rotor were good or not, and this technique is really good to find out which rotor should be replaced or serviced.
    CJ was making the cutters for his bridge this week. There were 2 places where his bridge needed the special cutters to cut the slots for the winding and sliding pinions. However, he could not find the correct cutter on the market. Hence, he decided to make them by himself. He used the school machine to make the cutter, and the cutter looks great. It's always fun to make our own tools by hand when we need them.

  Sliding bolt system for oscillating weight

 Another type of sliding bolt system for oscillating weight

Ball bearing system for oscillating weight, with magic lever for the automatic winding.

 Another ball bearing system for oscillating weight.

 CJ making the cutters

 Hardening and tempering the cutters

The cutter ready for trial.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Introduction to Calendar Watches and a New Project

    This week, we kept working on the seven movements for the precision timing, and we also learned something new. Henrik introduced us to the calendar watches, and it is really interesting to know that and how these parts make the day and date change. However, we only know the basic theory of calendar watches, and there are more knowledge waiting us to be discovered. 
    Stan also got a new project from Henrik this week. There is a vintage alarm watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre needed to be restored. After disassembling the watch, Stan found that there are many parts missing and many parts are broken. It's gonna be a good challenge for Stan to restore this watch.
     Last Friday we had special visitors from WOSTEP. Henrik met his friend and former student Nicholas who is the teacher in WOSTEP and showed them around our school. They are surprised that we could use any machine freely and come to school whenever we want. We had a happy meeting last Friday, and I think soon we will visit WOSTEP too.

One simple calendar movement with date disc display.

The Memovox alarm movement from Jaeger LeCoultre, really cool movement!

 Parts are missing

 Really dirty mainplate

 Not so many parts left

                                                            Visitors from WOSTEP.

Henrik show them our machines.