Sunday, May 29, 2011

Proposed KHWCC Watchmaking Course changes for 2012

Work Bench @ KHWCC

Principal's desk at KHWCC

Though many improvements and reviews are being conducted now, we thought we might share with everyone some possible changes and additions to the course we are offering.

Full Skill Course 2012

1. Addition of a basic Marketing/Advertising Module.

We found that while students had very strong fundamental skills and knowledge in micromechanics and various other watchmaking techniques, students aspiring to be Independent watchmakers were lacking in basic knowledge of selling and advertising. Therefore, we are in the process of formulating a module, with the help of supporters with background and experience in consumer sales, to equip students the basics of online sales, social media advertising, consumer behavior and after sales service. There has also been a proposal to begin trial of a dedicated website/weblink where simple hand finished watches produced in school will be sold to the public so that students can have some real world field experience in production, buying/selling and customer management.

2. Addition of a basic Macro Photography/Product Photography Module

It is not a secret that close up and well taken pictures of products generally tend to increase sale prices of products. Furthermore, the ability to take close up pictures of the internal mechanisms of watches is an important skill to possess for a watchmaker. Most students, either during thecourse or after the course, struggle with producing such pictures. They have turned to either the internet or they pay professionals which charge expensive fees to take these pictures. Therefore, the school is arranging with a professional photographer with field experience to design a custom short course module to teach students basics in product photography, presentation, simple editing and basic macro photography skills. The student will still require the services of a professional photographer for publication quality pictures but at least he/she will be able to learn the correct techniques to produce presentable pictures on their own.

This module will likely be in the trial stage in the 2011 intake and we hope to permanently include the module in the Full Skill course in the future.

Specialist Short Courses

1. Henrik is in the process of reviewing what KHWCC is able to offer regularly for short courses. With the addition of Robert Michelsen as an Assistant Teacher, Henrik will be able to provide more flexible options and choices for Qualified/Trained Watchmakers who are seeking to update or learn a new skill.

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