Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new addition to the school ... Our new Mill ...

Its Finally here ! Our Aciera F1 !!

I know some people are obsessed with new cars, boats, houses, birds, dogs and lamps but our obsession is with our equipment. We are going to be doing some really cool things with this in the next few weeks.

Here it comes.

And the F1 is set down. Not the sexiest bum shot but he's not the star here.

Slowly assembling the mill. Alot of TLC goes into the machine at this stage.

Vioula ! Its done !

In all its glory ...

I'm sure we sound like random geeks here but here's the side view.

Some of the toys that goes along with this ...

* Photo credits to Henrik Korpela ( Principal, Teacher, Horologie Extraordinaire, Photography Noob and Food lover )


  1. It's beautiful. Henrik is so happy and proud :-)


  2. Yeah Rob.

    His new baby.

    And the best part is, it doesn't vomit stale milk every 2 hours, cry in the middle night and look anything like him ... ha ha ..