Monday, May 23, 2011

Our New old toy ...

The ink is dry on our purchase order.

Yes, we have a new toy in the school.

The school actually have milling machines but because we are in the process of constructing a school watch ( Its a surprise and very TOP SECRET .. and no, its not a pocket watch and its definately not boring .. but but BUT, we shall leave the best for last ... watch this space for it .. and believe it or not ... it might come sooner than expected ... ), we needed a dedicated milling machine for prototyping.

So, after a long search and lots of consideration, we found a refurbished Aciera F1 Milling machine for sale.

Aciera was a tooling company based in Le Locle in the 1900s but unfortunately, it went burst after WW2. But that said, the machines they made were of very high quality and many are still in use today. And not surprisingly, they are still pretty sought after.

Well, the pictures here were scoured from the world wide web but when our own machine arrives, more pictures will be put up.

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