Saturday, May 28, 2011

Henrik has a facebook page !

For all former and present students of Henrik, he has a facebook page !

Add him !

He likes to meet new people, even if you just want to tell him you don't like watches !

Add him at

ADD him !

Some "Social Media Strategist" for watchmakers recommends Linkedln and Twitter to increase their exposure and they cost you 70,000 Francs a year to hire. Well, since its a recommendation, we shall do so.

Therefore, in due course, Henrik and KHWCC will have

1 ) A twitter page.
2) A Linkedln account
3) Its own youtube page
4) Vimeo account
5) Weibo account. ( China's Twitter - thats 60 million people for Henrik to say hi to )
6) Renren account ( China's facebook equivalent )
7) Tumblr account
8) Our own highway Billboard
9) Our own TV channel
10) Watchmaker 1 ( Air Force One equivalent )
11) Watchmobile ( Car with speedometers looking like Tourbillons )

Look out for it.

Exciting times !!

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