Sunday, May 22, 2011

More good news ?

More good news ? We sure hope so.

But how does this really affect watchmakers ?

We all know now that there are really NOT enough watchmakers to go around. The facts again.

1. There are far too many watches to repair and hardly enough qualified repairers to go around.

2. There hasn't been new schools set up to train/groom/cultivate watchmakers.

3. Even if new schools are set up, there are insufficient teachers.

4. Each intake usually don't exceed more than 8 year.

So, it looks like no amount of advertising or marketing is going to help. Even if they raised the salaries of junior/newly graduated watchmakers to more than USD50,000/80,000 Francs/ 40,000 pounds per year, will the vacancies be filled ? I doubt it.

But hey hey, for the rest of us, its not a bad thing !

Go China !
Go India !
Go Russia !

Buy more watches ! And please complain as much too !

It keeps us in business. It keeps the tradition and profession alive.

Link to article below.

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