Friday, March 23, 2018

Basel world week

Basel world 2018 launched this week, even though it is only half size compare with previous year we are still looking forward to join the event. Next week is Easter, we try to wrap up our current work to a certain stage so we can enjoy the coming spring break. 

CJ making rachet wheel for his own restoration project.

Before making a reall one, it is always good to try making a brass prototype.

Sif fine tune flatness of the wheel.
Felix adjust pallet jewel.
How to properly apply epilam on escapement.

What is Yi-ting looking at?

This is what we are looking at for the whole week, to precsely adjust division between balance, pallet fork, and escapement. Picture shows the division between guard pin and safety roller.

Eero finished the winding stem for his own restoration project.

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