Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring is coming!

Before the Easter we visited Baselworld, even though the exhibition size was smaller this year, we still enjoyed it very much. We met some nice independent watchmakers there, and they are willing to share their own experience to us which is really helpful. We also saw lots of high quality finishing watches.
After the Easter break, there is a coming exam soon. After recharging ourselves during the break, we now have to push ourselves to pass the coming exam. We only have less than one year in the school, and we have to utilize the left time properly to learn as much as we could.
BTW, the spring is coming,its sunny, hope everyone enjoy it. 
Last week of Felix in school, we give him a welfare party and wish him all the best in the future.

Sif is bonding pallet jewel with shellac.

Sometimes we make or modify our tools during daily work. Micromechanics really helped a lot.

CJ adjusting the depth of pallet jewel on a heated escapemeter.

Stan checking the horn and guard pin clearance between pallet fork and balance.

This is what Henrik needs for hiking.

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