Friday, March 16, 2018

It all comes down to the escapment and balance!

This week we started learning about the escapement and the balance, how it is all connected in the watch.
We learned how to adjust the pallet fork to the escape wheel and the balance, for example in what division it's supposed to be in, how to remove the shellac of the pallet fork with the alcohol, add the shellac and how to adjust the jewels in the fork, also how to move the axel up and down.
So we guess that soon we will be able to understand the watch completely not maybe 100% but it's getting closer and closer.

Here we are disolving the shellac in alcohol.

Looking at how we should place the pallet fork in the Horia tool in order to move the axel up and down.

We all got a chance how to see how it looked like.

You gotta have the right anvils for the work you are doing, Yi-ting is making a new anvil to fit her work.

Here we can see how the perfect shellac on the pallet fork is supposed to look like.

If the jewels make a straght line when they are put together impulse plane to impulse plane, we can assume both angles are the same, and no risk of mixing them up since they are the same on both sides. 

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