Friday, March 2, 2018

New Student, Geartrain Lubrication and Cannon Pinions

Last week, we all survived our first exam for this semester, winding, setting and greatrain exam. It is not as hard as we thought it could be, and it was just about being careful for small details. This week We are still working on our movements that we have been working on to overhall the parts which we already learned, and we also learned how to oil the geartrain jewels and cannon pinions. These two oiling need lots practice to make the oil at the perfect amount. Hope we could get used to this oiling asap.
Last weekend, we had a Finish watchmaker join us to learn restoration techniques. There are fewer places to teach watchmakers restoration today so he came to us and learn it in order to do the restoration job. He learn the process of restoration and new micromechanical techniques to make parts, and he is defintitly coming back to learn more. It  is really good to know that there is a school willing to teach something that most schools are abandoning. Hence, we are welcoming all people who are interested to learn more.

Finish watchmaker turned a windingstem.
Nice thread!

Students checking the setting of the removal of the tapered pin in the hollow cannon pinion system.

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