Friday, March 9, 2018

Flea Market, Bushing, Tool Auction

Last weekend we visited an antique flea market to look for some tools we may need in the future. Also this week we visited a factory which had closed and were auctioning their tools and machines which are ready for sell. It was very interesting to have an inside look at a factory like this to see how a watchmaking factory would look like and to learn what machines and tools they use during production.

Some machines we don't really know how they work.
Next week we'll start to manipulate the escapement. We will learn how to properly select pusher and anvil to remove and instal shock absorbers.

Here we also share some of our trouble shooting work in our daily life. CJ had a problem of a damaged thread in the mainplate. Instead of replacing a whole mainplate we have to find practicle solutions to fix it. We decided to make a bushing to friction fit in and create a new thread. it was a really a good exercise where we were able to combine our micromechanics skills with watchmaking.
Damaged thread for barrel bridge.

CJ turn a bushing which could friction fit to the hole he reamed from the original thread.

Making a thread after friction fit the bushing.

You think this is finished?

After Henrik's magic finishing, it's really hard to tell where bushing is.

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