Friday, July 1, 2016


Look at that poster!
This past Saturday Mr. Simonin held a special sale where all profits go to the Mandela Foundation where they help South African kids with AIDS. The students were extremely happy to find a wide variety of tools and also have the opportunity to help people in the process.  All we can say is that everyone left happy, and with a lighter wallet.
Mr. Simonin and his daughter

Drooling over tools

The week passed by extremely fast with the students working on their unfinished exercises.  Shuai and Eddie continue to work on the escapement, prepping for their exam in a few weeks while Tomas, Theren and Simone tried to finish the timing exercises.
Tomas centering the hairspring

Simone making his snapback caseback
Eddie checking the clearance of the horns

Shuai adjusting the pallet jewels
Tomas' finished see through caseback

To spice things up a bit the students also worked on some personal projects such as making clear case backs for their personal watches.
Didier Cretin explaining his work

Mr. Boulanger passing the torch

On Wednesday the school went to the Musee International d'Horlogerie to witness the presentation of the new creation from  Gruebel Forsey.  It is a beautiful project promoting the heritage of classical watchmaking.  The new student they have picked is Didier Cretin.  We are all excited to see how collectors are going to respond to the finished product in the near future.
Assembly and disassembly exercises

Also joining the school this week was Sif, coming all the way from Iceland.  Sif enjoyed the bench test, having the chance to really understand what a watchmaker does.  She was even greeted by our local Icelandic watchmaker, Robert.  She hopes be back in 2017!

The biggest festival in Le Locle is happening this weekend, time to head out!

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