Friday, June 24, 2016

Pallet fork and the secret sunray

Pallet fork cells
Shuai checking the division of pallet fork

Eddie oiling the barrel
The new subject this week for Shuai and Eddie was the shellac-ing of the pallet forks and also the theory of the escapement.  Shellac is extracts from the lac bug which acts as a glue in watchmaking in the olden (golden) days.
Simone looking for the right mainspring

Theren testing out hands polishing
Tomas dynamic poising his balance

Simone started on a restoration piece he has from his good friend.  It is a chronograph in decent conditions.  However, the mainspring is broken and he must undergo the necessary steps in order to replace it.  He will also do some finishing to make it sparkle.
Before finishing

Sunray finishing by hand

Henrik has been developing a super secret technique to restore and make the sunray finishing on wheels (mostly ratchet or crown wheels).  The classical technique is on the lathe using the milling attachment, but in the creative methods Henrik has developed, the sunray can be made with much less setup time.  This technique will be unveiled during the conference in America that takes place in August.  Stay tuned.

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  1. So? Did they release the technique at the conference? I guess there was no conference held. If there was, could you please tell me the details here?