Friday, July 8, 2016

Passion in timing and technology

The Legendary Witschi Factory

Mr. Urs Häni, Watcher turned Witschi Sales and Consultant
On Thursday of this week, the school organized a school visit to Witschi Electronic.  Witschi makes one of the best timing machines along with some pressure testing machines.  Mr. Urs Häni was an extremely kind host to the school, starting the tour with a presentation on their Q1 Analyzer (The super advanced machine used for analyzing quartz watches).  After the presentation Urs showed the students their current product line, from the Chronoscopes to the ChronoProof.  Because the company looked so extremely nice from the outside, the students asked if it was possible to visit the indoor facilities.  Urs brought the students into the lab where all the machines are assembled and tested and also to their machine room where small productions and prototypes are made.  Overall, it was an incredible experience for the students to learn how and where the machines they have been using for the past few months were made (much more was made in-house than you would think!).
Going Modular!

The Q1 in it's unfinished state

Try hand turning in this lathe!

In preparation for Henrik's trip to America, the students have started a production line to mass produce the polishing tripods Henrik will be using to teach his course in fine polishing.  Although an easy process when made start to finish by one person, in a production line things aren't as simple due to the planning of the efficiency of production along with the communication that goes along with the process.  Good thing the students are one happy family and are already nearly finished with the 18 tripods they set out to make.  Stay tuned, for we will show the final results next week!
Sawing out the rough outlines
Chopping them into individual pieces

Drilling the threaded holes 

Turning the pin for the polishing support

Turning the Polishing support

Prick punching the locations for the holes

Marking the angles for the tripod sides

Press fitting the polishing support and pins

Milling the shape of the tripod

Boring the hole for the pin vise

Adding a little KHWCC magic! (you shall see in next weeks post!)

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