Friday, July 22, 2016

Alma Mater

Brad showing some ultra secret techniques he has learned since he started his job

Sharing knowledge is priceless

Robert showing the students techniques he has developed
Last weekend a KHWCC alumni visited the school to share with the student his first year of adventure after being sent out into the wild.  Brad is currently working in a private shop in Toronto, Canada.  He has been sent to Switzerland for Patek Philippe level 2 training for the next month or so. Before Brad went into training he came back to visit Henrik and his beloved school to share watchmaking stories with the students.  Brad gave the students tips for the bench tests, what to practice more on, what is more important in the work environment and much much more.  The students learned a lot from Brad's stories and experiences and now knows more what to expect working as a professional watchmaker.
Eddie's homemade attachments to the 50mm lathe

 In school Eddie and Shuai prepared all week for their escapement exam.  They have their practice exams in the mornings and then are able to relax and do their own stuff in the afternoon.  Eddie was able to finish his lathe modification and Shuai was able to finish decorating some of his tools.
Tomas turning an axle for the project

Theren boring holes for the prototype

Tomas and Theren milling out a part for the project on the pantograph
Theren, Tomas and Simone continue to work on the secret project, getting very close to making the first prototype in working conditions already.  There are many adjustments to still do, but things are looking optimistic!
Rough tin plates ready to be finished

Swedish diamond files for all!

In less than a week Henrik will be heading over to Harrison, Ohio to teach his polishing and complicated course in America.  The students have also helped finish the last of the tools that Henrik will be bringing to America.  This also means that Summer vacation is just one week away!

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