Friday, July 15, 2016

Tripod Invasion

Tripods, sandblasted, beveled, and with the KHWCC logo
The tripods are complete; all 18 of them!  The students have also added some fancy decorations on the pieces for an extra oomph!  This was also a good chance to refresh the students' micromechanics skills, such as using the lathe, drilling machine, tapping, jig boring, sandblasting, beveling, and all the stuff in between.  All that is left to prepare are the tin plates using Henrik's secret recipe.
Eddie made a locking pin for his pulley 

Shuai milling out the Ying and the Yang

Theren following his inventor designs to make a tool post for his lathe
 With the spare time the students have also made additions to their tools or made more accessories to their tools.  Shuai is in the process of making a Ying-Yang symbol on his personal polishing tripod while Eddie is making the missing parts to his newly purchased lathe.  Theren is also making a graver tool post for his new lathe.
Tomas milling a slot for a stud

The main project the students are working on before the break is the secret project they are entering next Year's AHCI Young Talents competition.  We can't give much details about the project, but there are a couple of teaser photos attached above and below!
Simone drilling some holes and Theren milling some bars 

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