Monday, June 6, 2016

Last exam (almost)

Simone doing his practice exam

Theren sharpening his weapons before the big day

Tomas adjusting the hairspring 
The students took their last exam before the final this past week.  It is most likely the longest and hardest test they had to take in the course.  The exam consists of constructing a complete balance and timing it to the given tolerances.  They are glad it is over, but are eager to find out the results.
Back to using some big machinery

Testing out new tools

Shuai and Eddie have a little time off to after their previous exam to finish off some work they have put off until now.  Eddie made some jewel pushers for his Horia tool while Shuai finished off the rest of his tools from the micromechanics portion of the course.  Shuai also did some testing with tools he bought from Horotec.
The joys of toolmaking

Homemade Horia pushers and stand by Eddie

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