Friday, June 17, 2016

Going Atomic

Tomas and Theren in deep discussion on mysterious timing issues
Since last time the students have worked on balances and hairsprings from self-constructed oscillators and modern mass produced oscillators.  Although the modern hairsprings are much more stable this does not make the students' work much easier because the tolerances are also more stringent.  The timing competition continues as we have also added another category, the CTM (ContrĂ´le Technique des Montres).  The CTM is a single value that is calculated to determine the quality precision of a timepiece, very much like how COSC is calculated but in a single value.
Simone checking the condition of his pivots

Shuai and Eddie on the other hand learned the theory of escapements this week while they continued on their exercises on gear train oiling and controlling the end shakes.  They are slowly getting the hang of the scale they must work on and the feel that is required and acquired through all the exercises they have done.
Eddie oiling the gear train

Shuai drilling a new bushing hole

Henrik visited the MIH on Wednesday where they had a presentation on the technological advancement of atomic timekeeping.  CSEM has been working on atomic timekeepers with the goal of one day making an atomic wristwatch, and it looks like they are  not too far away from achieving their goal!
MIH hosted another well planned event

Some of the parts inside the clock came from a silicon wafer.

Atomic clock chips are already quite small

We also had another watch enthusiast come take the bench test this week.  Stan came all the way from Taiwan to find out what watchmaking is all about and to hopefully get a spot in the class of 2017.  After a week of testing, Stan found fascinating things about watchmaking such as the way polishing is done and the micromechanics required of a watchmaker.
Stan learning the art of black polishing

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